Name James Hyram
Age [Unknown]
Occupation [Unknown]. Former Head of the Secret Service.

History Edit

James Hyram's history before the events in Part 1 is currently unknown. He was the head of the Secret Service when a fake attack using a RAVG forced him, the president, and four secret service agents to enter a stolen GATT deep below the white house, and escape, but they unintentionally got caught when Tiny Labs used a manual override and they landed in a unknown dessert location. They were then taken to Atlantis. While they were being escorted to the polygraph room the alarm was sounded as an attack was deployed on Atlantis. The president and James were separated. James entered the defense room with Mr. Tiny and he pointed out a crucial error on the attacking planes which proved that the United States was not behind the attack. The ADTS deployed, half the planes were caught in it, and half pulled up and escaped. After the battle was over Mr. Tiny offered James a job (the exact job is unknown) which he accepted.

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